tracking client - instructions


Left and right panel are shown/hidden with small arrow next to them. Left panel has competitor list and settings (changed by tool/list symbol), right panel has split time related stuff.

Mobile view

In mobile devices list, settings and splits panels are available by arrow on the center-top of view.


Under the watch there are switches for LIVE/REPLAY modes and REAL TIME/SYNC -modes.

Almost real-time situation is shown second by second. However program has a small buffer in order to show trackings smoothly.
LIVE/REPLAY-selector isn't available after the event.

Fast replay can be viewed:

  • by dragging the "time slider"
  • with "time arrows"
  • with Play-button

Program uses normal time (from event time zone).

SYNC (=time from start)
Time used is each competitor's time from her/his start time = "simulated mass-start".
In LIVE-mode SYNC uses last starter's time (among selected competitors).
If you want to quickly see how someone is doing compared to earlier starters, click competitor on the list, and select check above.

Competitor list

Click balloon to select/unselect competitor, click name to show additional options for that competitor.


On settings panel you can change tail lenght, map opacity and some other stuff.


With right-click or long tap on the map you get small menu, which gives possibility to draw own split lines and split points. Application caluclates times when each competitor has crossed that line or been nearest to given split point.

Splits are viewed in right panel. There is also possbility to calculate "sector time" between two split lines/points.

Diff-function calculates time between 2 selected competitors if they routes are near enough of each other.

Grey-edged marker

If a marker has grey edge, there is no actual position data available for that timestamp. So competitor has not (necessarily) stopped...